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72 cavities preform mould 72 cavities preform mould 72 cavities preform mould 72 cavities preform mould 72 cavities preform mould 72 cavities preform mould
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72 Cavities Preform Mould

72 cavities preform mould
Usually, 72 cavities preform mould does use the hot runner system rather than cold runner system, so the design of hot runner system plays an important role in mould quality guarantee. Based on foreign advanced techniques and combined with domestic clients' demand, we adopt the valve gated design, in which each cavity has its own heating zone and temperature is measured by independent thermocouple. (advantages: Easily avoid some problems such as white or drawbench on bottom). Here, 72 cavities preform mould is produced automatically to reduce labor force.
72 Cavities Preform Mould Description
72 cavity preform mould for the preform with 30/25 neck, equippted with balanced hot runner system with valve gate. The stripper driven by the cam roller. The weight of the preforms is 20g, Cycle time is 30 Sec with general PET screw type of injection moulding machine. It could reach 11 Sec with 3 stage post cooling system. Yichuan provide the 72 cavity PET preform moulds for Husky preform moulding system, Netstal PET line.The main components of moulds ( die core, die cavity and screw neck) are made by injection process, which are made of special mould steel ( Germany steel 2316) after preheating treatment in the original factory in Germany. In this way, the mould with long life service and high quality can be used for 3 million shots without any maintenance, meanwhile, the wall thickness between max. Parts and min. Part is not more than 0.05mm. We adopt 72 cavities preform mould base of 50# steel and sliding block of 718# steel. And the moulds equipped with imported components including high-qualitied lubricating copper plate, Germany heaters HOTSET, Germany standard PID temperature controller. Moreover, turning center processes make sure that every parts can match well; Proper distribution of cooling water way improve productivity effect and moulding cycle only takes 15 seconds( need proper water chiller, bottle design and injection machine)
72 cavities preform mould, designed and developed by our engineers, is of high precision and long life span without traditional problems. In a word, Preform wall thickness is on error of 0.05mm; Weight difference is less than 0.3g; 2-5 moulds per minute; 3 million guarantee; Utmost 72 cavities in one mould.
72 Cavities Preform Mould Features
1. There are 72 cavities on the mould.
2. Electric control system with simulating stretch testing improve yield rate.
3. Adopt world advanced dipole taper localization technique, each cavity self-clamp independently, ensure mould concentricity.
4. The material of mould die core and die cavity are made of Sweden special mould steel.
5. International standard screw neck, imported nitrided steel with high hardness is of long usage.
6. Advanced hot runner design and even heating temperature make sure the high quality of plastic products.
7. Valve gated type without tail reduces labor force.
8. At least 3 million guarantee.
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